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Yorktown, Ny, Dec 15th, 2014Stack Or Starve Approved announce the release of the “The New Age” mixtape by Adrian Charles Zidi aka "French Prince". The 10 track project, presented by Stack Or Starve Approved, will be available for download tomorrow Dec 16th via Live Mixtapes.
The 20 year old MC, who started to rap at the age of 16, is originally from Yorktown, New York (a suburban area in northern westchester). He had a unique upbringing through his european roots due to his late father being from Paris. After his father passed, Prince was heavily motivated and influenced to make it in the music industry. As he puts it: "When my dad passed away at the age of 17 from cancer it has sparked a flam in me that isn't seeming to go out any time soon. This man is the driving force and motivation behind my music.  He always taught me to never give up on anything since he himself came to America with nothing."
“The New Age" is an introspective look into French Prince's life, purpose & rhyming ability. He describes this project as a stepping stone for whats to come: " This mix tape describes me as an artist and who I am as a person in general.  I would describe my sound as "natural" sounding tending to not lean towards the heavier trap beats that are more popular in the industry today.  My sense of humor and reliability is what makes me and my music pleasant and likable to many. But one main line that I live by for rap is, "I don't do this for fame it is fun for me, if it becomes about fame its done for me." 
To date, French Prince has released several music videos and plans to release many more. He has also performed shows nationwide and will be performing via SXSW 2015 in Austin Texas, as well as many other venues in the new year.
The project  titled “The New Age” is available for download and streaming tomorrow Dec 16th via Live Mixtapes. The mixtape takes listeners on a journey through French Prince's past life experiences and how he has escaped the stresses of the world. He is currently working on his next untitled project now.

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