Tuesday, December 16, 2014

[Video]: The Heat [Featuring Harley] - "U'ont Want It"

 Birthed in 1998, three talented individuals, all born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Crisis, Monroe, and Panic discovered they all shared similar backgrounds. Yet, through their distinct and different personalities, perceived and could express real life situations and topics in a cohesive yet individualized and unique flow. Crisis's conscience and amusing flow along with Monroe's style of street swag and distinguishment, mixed perfectly with Panic's raw no nonsense lyrical approach, were the perfect ingredients to create the elixir known as The Heat. 

 Label: 81 Illatainment / Heat Musik 
Group Director : Vic Shadez for G.I. films & Professir G for Redemption Art & Music 
Producer : Platinum Sellers Productions 
Heat & Harley "H2 Reloaded EP to be released in early 2015
 FOLLOW the HEAT: Instagram: @Theheat201 
 Members: @Crisis81 @Trendseda_monroe @Bigpanic81
 Facebook: www.facebook.com/heatmusik 
 Twitter: @Theheat201


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