Monday, May 18, 2015

Chicago Native Julio Englewood Preps "Welcome 2 Englewood 3: The Re Introduction" Release

Chicago Native Julio Englewood Preps "Welcome 2 Englewood 3: The Re Introduction" Release

Chicago, IL - May 18th, 2015

 Chicago native hip hop artist Julio Englewood is preparing to release his latest project May 25th "Welcome to Englewood 3: 
The re-introduction". A very self-explanatory title after being released from prison. 
Julio has been in works with Tony Baines, Dough from da Go, Dreki, Jaybeatz, Co-still, Duwop from CTC, Griffen from FaceMob, & many more. 
This is Julio Englewood most highly anticipated mixtape that will drop & flood the streets of Chicago this summer.  

This project incorporates Street Music/Underground, Mainstream Hip Hop, and club songs, to invoke a vibe that will make some think, reflect and even  lock themselves in a room to plot the next move on their number one enemy. Julio offers a wide variety of different “feels” in this well balanced mixtape. This mixtape has been a year long process.

“I really wanted the people to see and understand the full effect of my multiple music/ sound personality. Julio Englewood isn’t something you see everyday and neither is this project. You hear my every emotion in nearly an hour. 
This project really is a roller coaster ride and i want the people to really experience that ride.”

Songs to check for on the project are “Just My Thoughts” "Southsiide", "Handwriting", "You Don't Even Know" and “Been Here” 

Julio  offers a mix between Streets and wisdom but his area of expertise is noticed more in the street side of hip hop. Similarities between a mix of different artists but has his own lane completely. 
When you hear a Julio Englewood song, you know right away that its him by his stand out voice.

Julio has headlined numerous shows all over the Midwest region at different events such as House Of Blues, The Checkerboard, Wild Hare, Cubby Bear & More!

Be sure to download the "Welcome 2 Englewood 3" project May 25th Via Live Mixtapes

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