Sunday, August 23, 2015

INDY ELITE hosted by @BiggaRankin00 @TJMakingMoves

TJ Making Moves grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, as a kid TJ Making Moves would listen to music all day and night and neglected his school work and anything that did not involve music. Since he listened to music so much, TJ Making Moves mother would take away his portable music devices and stereo as punishment, causing TJ Making Moves to feel his heart and soul were missing. However, little did TJ Making Moves know that his love and passion for music was the catalyst for his life calling. With Ups & Downs In The Music Industry TJ Making Moves Decided To Create A Platform For Indy Artist On His Own By Creating Maximum Xposure, one of the biggest indy showcases in Atlanta. Today we showcase his passion and love in a new format, an indy artist mixtape titled "Indy Elite" hosted by Bigga Rankin. 


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