Thursday, December 17, 2015


​Pinero Loud Born on the south side of Chicago is a breath of fresh air outside the normal ,With tracks that slam from the trunk of the car to the bedroom  This fly flashy handsome educated artist is ready to draw you in to his world of struggle ,women ,childhood and relatable visuals  with his unique voice and storytelling. traveling at an early age (Germany) and moving a lot has given an edgy diversity to a talent that many enjoy . After years of filling notebooks with rhymes with old friends the opportunity finally came along to take it serious as a career, the Dopeastetic Bloetry series kicked off his presence into the local Chicago scene  ,The DB2 EP hosted by DJ stylez for Sirius xm radio  featured on and other outlets has fans waiting on the 3rd installment. Currently, Pinero Loud went and Recruited One of Chicago's Best kept secrets and most Sought-After Music producer/Mixtape DJ for his Latest Hit Record release single and video  "I Did Diz" 
Produced by E.L.O Da Epidemic 
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Twitter @PineroDoesit
IG @PineroLoud
Twitter @DJEloDaEpidemic
IG @EloDaEpidemic


To bad Pinero didn't go to ELO for the video like the text suggest. No he came to us MajorBandsFilms / AVoshowVision.

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