Wednesday, December 7, 2016

DJ Louie V Announces The Launch of N.A.L.B (No Artist Left Behind)

After visiting multiple cities back to back working and observing their music scenery, Chicago's own DJ Louie V of  decided to do something that can really help have an impact on underground / upcoming artists music career.  On Tuesday, December 6 , 2016:  DJ Louie V aka LV (Founder of MTMDjs / ValleyTV) launches a world-wide movement to help independent artists who lack the promotions needed to get their music heard. N.A.L.B abbreviation for No Artist Left Behind, a movement set in to place to help artists everywhere who lack the connections & finances that it takes to invest in their music to get it distributed the correct way. In today's market it can cost up to $1000 to get a song promoted and placed in the right hands, and DJ Louie V is a person who endured many struggles and can relate to the up and coming who's strongly striving for success. A strong start with over 10 sponsors already!
"I dont want to see nobody else struggling, and ill do everything in my power to take our music scenery to the next level" - DJ Louie V

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 Donate $40.00 (USD) and get your song placed on the top of playlist for N.A.L.B mixtape series, to be heard by thousands worldwide w/ distribution to top websites & blogs.


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