Thursday, March 25, 2021

YNIC B "Sho Em" Single | @ynic_b

YNIC B isn’t new to Hip Hop. He began his music career in 2017 under the name B Smith but changed it after discovering another artist by the same name. He used that opportunity to reintroduce himself and create the label YNIC (You (K)Now It’s Cash Money) Entertainment in 2021.
A native of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, YNIC B always had a way with words. After several friends encouraged him to do something with that talent, he took that advice, grabbed a pen and a pad, and started writing his bio in lyrical form. His friends and family were feeling his raw lyrics that described the poverty he grew up in, the streets that helped raise him, and the legal troubles he found himself in. He hasn’t always made the best choices and those choices landed YNIC in court trials five times and each time there was no conviction. He realizes he's blessed and now stays out of trouble and focuses on more positive things like his music.

YNIC B’s musical influences include Young Scooter, Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Boosie Badazz, T.I., Master P, UGK, and 2 Pac. Like them, he hopes to have thousands of fans and a long career but while creating his own lane. YNIC B prides himself on being unique, and it shows in his songs. He purposely rhymes offbeat and switches up his style in music and fashion. He also has a crazy work ethic that drives him to do no less than three songs whenever he steps in the booth. Under the Name B. Smith, he released two mixtapes. In 2017, he dropped Streets On Trial and Beat A Body Yungin in 2018 and 2 EP’s Everything Ain’t Easy and Warning signs in 2018. The streets responded favorably to his singles “Tax Season”, “Ready 4 War” featuring Ray Vicks, and “Listen” featuring Ralo.
With a new name and new determination, YNIC B will soon release a new EP and the first single, “Sho Em,” is out now. It issues a warning to anyone trying to underestimate him. In his mind, he has a lot to prove and a lot of time to make up for but rather than talk YNIC B has a plan to just Sho Em.

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